Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update: Skype is back. And Microsoft is bad...

As mentioned in my earlier post, Skype network was down.

According to Skype, Microsoft's Windows update made the Windows computer reboot all over the world, and this interrupted the Skype P2P network. Of course! But what about the Mac OS and Linux nodes? Are the Skype supernodes only on Windows computer?

Anyways, Skype said they are not blaming Microsoft. They better not; although that doesn't mean I like Microsoft... Skype said that it was the "perfect storm" that caused this tragedy. Umm, what does that really mean? They also mentioned that they tuned the Skype P2P core to resolve the problem. How did they do that without pushing updates? Or is the Skype P2P core not the Skype clients or the supernodes? Then why were there a problem when the supernodes rebooted? Mystery...

Anyways, the good news. Skype is giving away a week worth of free service. Here is part of the email I received from Skype:

Skype - a little extra for you


As a goodwill gesture to all you faithful Skype Pro, Skype Unlimited,
SkypeIn or Skype Voicemail customers, we're adding an additional seven
days to your current subscription, free of charge. And even if you
didn't miss out on using Skype last week - you can still have a week
free on Skype, on the house!


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