Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mail Setting on iPhone (Yahoo! Mail sucks...)

What's up with Yahoo! Mail? Apple said that they partnered with Yahoo! and developed push mail for the iPhone but I can't even set it up...

I had an existing account on Yahoo! so I tried to use that. In the mail account settings, I select Y! MAIL and entered my email address and password. But all I get is:
Cannot Get Mail - The user name or password for "" is incorrect.

So I thought, maybe my bad, I jumped on it without reading instructions, let me go to Yahoo!'s website... And what do you notice? Yahoo! has no information regarding to the iPhone. What! I don't understand. Yahoo! and Apple worked together on this piece which is supposed to be one of the main feature and no documentation?

Well, I was already very disappointed, but I didn't want to give up that easily. I did more research and found this article on Apple's website:
iPhone can't access Yahoo! Mail when non-alphanumeric characters are used in the account password
It mentioned about the same error message that I was getting, but unfortunately it was no help. I changed the password. I even created a new Yahoo! account, but nothing lead me to success.

So again, is this issue related to not having an account setup with AT&T? Whatever the reason is, lack of documentation is an issue with the iPhone. I would like to rename the iPhone to "mPhone, the mystery phone."

But the good news is, I had no problem accessing Yahoo! Mail on Safari, the last resort for all applications on the iPhone. And even better, I don't use Yahoo! Mail.


Ryan said...

Ran into exactly the same problem. I find it curious that folks are blasting apple and yahoo for bad security. I don't see the problem---no ability to connect means no security problem. I can't access yahoo from the mail program so there's nothing to intercept aside from my limited futile attempts to connect. I've been using yahoo since conception, but i guess it's long past time to move on. My .mac and gmail acounts seem to work fine, so I am likely converting fully to one of them. All this talk about yahoo and the apple iphone seems to have not been taken seriously by either company.

Ken said...

Thanks for your feedback, Ryan. It really doesn't make sense when Steve introduced Yahoo! as a great partner for developing the iPhone and they both hardly have any documentation on it; especially when it doesn't work. I wonder what kind of relationship they're in. Hope the weather app doesn't suddenly stop working!