Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mail Setting on iPhone (Google Apps)

Of course most people are going to want to use Gmail on their iPhone. There must be lots of information out there on this topic. Plus, this feature is actually built-in to the iPhone.

But honestly, I personally do not like the experience. Gmail seems to be very slow on the iPhone and especially due to the fact that the iPhone communicates with Gmail in an unintelligent manner (Gmail is limited to POP3 access), its very unattractive. I recommend using with AOL Mail.

But on the other hand, I use Google Apps and this I do want it on the iPhone. How do we set this up? Click on the title above to go see Google's article on how to do this, but there is a gotcha. To avoid this, follow the directions below.

  1. Login to your Google Apps email
  2. Go to Settings - Forwarding and POP
  3. Select "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on" and click Save Changes
  4. Now, on your iPhone, go to Settings - Mail - Add Account... and select Other
  5. Select POP
  6. Enter your Name and Address (your full email address)
  7. Setup Incoming Mail Server information
    Host Name: ""
    User Name: recent:<email> (e.g., "")
    Password: <password>
  8. Setup Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) information
    Host Name: ""
    User Name: <email> (e.g., "")
    Password: <password>
  9. Hit Save

And you should be good to go. One other setting you also might want to apply if you are mainly using Gmail or Google Apps is "Always Bcc Myself". If you turn this on, when you send a mail from the iPhone, it will automatically Bcc you and you will always get a copy of the message in your inbox. Why need this? Different from AOL Mail's setup, Gmail uses POP3 and will not sync the sent items on the iPhone to your Gmail account. So if you want to keep a copy of what you send from your iPhone, you will need to enable the Bcc feature.



Anonymous said...

Awesome help!!! I was getting very frustrated until I found your site. Thanks!!!

Ken said...

Glad to be your help, stranger!

Ken said...

If you want to access the web interface on your iPhone, you need a special URL. See this article "Google Apps iPhone Edition". The URL provided by Google does not give you the iPhone interface.

Ken said...

Now you have IMAP access to Google email accounts. However, Google is enabling this feature to selected accounts only.

Anonymous said...

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zzawarski said...
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zzawarski said...

When I setup Google Apps on the iPhone I actually used the Microsoft Exchange setup so it functions like IMAP rather than POP which is very useful.