Wednesday, August 1, 2007

iPhone Defect! (back to Apple store)

We had a defect iPhone. Did I break it? Was the trick to extreme?

Not to worry. It's totally unrelated. It was the casing of the iPhone.

It had a tiny sharp bump in the back of the metal casing of the phone. Probably during the manufacturing process, someone must have dropped something sharp on the inside of the case. It's something that we could have never created unless we ripped the phone apart.

So, the iPhone went back to the Apple store to be returned and exchanged. Uuh, but isn't the iPhone in trouble, the way it was activated?

Fortunately, the iPhone was taken to the Apple store by my wife who doesn't know technically what I had done to it. All she knows is it was NOT activated. Yes, the Apple store did ask a whole bunch of questions, according to my wife. (Sorry...)

Result? We got a new iPhone! The Apple store told my wife NOT to fuss with the SIM card. For some reason, they pulled out the SIM card from the phone we've returned and gave it to us. Whatever that means, thanks for everything, Apple store!

Now, I have brand new iPhone and one extra (probably special) iPhone SIM card. Can I do something with this?

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