Friday, August 10, 2007

New iMac receives CNET Editors’ Choice award

Only a day or so? And the new iMac already receives an award from CNET. Wow... I'm not saying "wow" to iMac, I'm talking about CNET's process in giving awards. What if they start to see some issues after a while?

Anyways, CNET has reviewed the product and you can see the details on their website by clicking on the title above. At least it will give you a 3rd party's point of view on the product if you don't have time to go to an Apple store to see it for yourself like me.

That being said, my impression of the new iMac, without seeing the special event video nor seeing the actual product, I'm not sure if I like the design; at least for now. Maybe I need a little more time to get used to it. It really looks like an iPhone and probably Apple is going to go with this design for all the new products. True, the iPods already have been switching to the new metal look so it would look more consistent. But, previous generation's shinny white design just looked more friendly and warmer. It looked like it would fit more nicely to your home interior instead of looking like "this is a computer and nothing else but a computer!" Of course, people who have the more modern metal look kitchen or wants to put it aside with Mac Pro might like the new iMac better.

Anyways, I'm still a PC user although I don't like it so it really doesn't matter. I'll think about getting a Mac after Mac OS X Leopard comes out.

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