Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Activating the iPhone (without AT&T. Not so easy...)

Unfortunately, things changes as time goes by. I did some research and knew I could activate the iPhone without AT&T. It seems like the credit goes to a guy know as DVD Jon.

But hey, Apple just released the first iPhone update; like today. Is that going to affect anything? Oh, and I just found out, the activation method required iTunes I thought Apple just updated my iTunes, like just now. Am I doomed?

Come on, I'm a lazy guy. I don't want to go through something messy!

The result is, I got to active the iPhone; without AT&T. So what did I do? Let me prepare that in the next post. It's almost August. I gotta go to sleep...

Buying an iPhone (for my wife)

When iPhone came out, husbands were talking about how they could justify their iPhone purchase and have the wives accept it. I thought, "why don't you just buy it for your wife instead?" Well, I guess most people were too childish to be that generous.

Anyways, long time after the iPhone release, I decided to buy an iPhone for my wife. No, wasn't motivated to by when it first came out. Because our cell phones are still under the term. But since my wife wanted an iPod and we know that the iPhone can be activated without AT&T 2 year contract, why not buy an iPhone?

So I did. Today, 7/31. Well, I fell asleep, so it's yesterday now.

My First Apple (Computer, that is.)

My first Apple experience was the Apple IIe computer. I remember I used to use a word processor, Print Shop (software to create cards, posters, banners, etc.) and some programing with LOGO language; all of this at my school. I must have been around 4th or 5th grade. And yeah, the teacher used to let me play Ghost Busters when I finished my assignment. Although I totally forgot what that game looked like.

Long after that, after I started working, I had chances to use variety of Macintosh that ran System 6, 7 and MacOS 8.

But ever since, I have been away from Mac again using Windows. Not that I liked Windows, but MacOS just didn't work out well in a typical working environment. And honestly, Macs weren't as interesting as Linux got the hype at the time.

As time went by, things changed. Apple releases MacOS X which was UNIX (BSD) based. iPod the music player, iTunes and the online store becomes popular. At first I didn't care much, but when I though it was my time to get a MP3 player, I decided to get an iPod nano. My first Apple product in a long time. Yes, Apple became very interesting again; at least for me, that is how it was.

There are few companies that have a lot of attraction in IT nowadays. Not just that everyone is talking about it, but it really has something it could provide and satisfy the us. It's different from the dot-com bubble days, I think. I hope...

Anyways, in this blog, I'm just going to be blabbing about whatever is worth mentioning to me; or it may not really be worthy. Who cares...