Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Defect Again?

It scared me. Well, just a little...

Not sure why, but after I brought the replaced iPhone to life, it just stopped working.

We were playing around with the iPhone a bit and then we put it to sleep. After about 30 minutes, we tried to turn it back on but no response at all. Yes, we tried different button combinations and that sort of things. Finally, we just left it for about an hour, came back, turned it back on and it worked as if nothing ever happened.

Actually, I had experienced the same thing with my iPod nano couple times. So I was pretty sure just leaving the iPhone for a while would fix the problem, but I'm not sure why or how this happens. At some point, my iPod would just simply die. After half an hour or so, it would start working again.

Although this doesn't happen often on my iPod, it's pretty annoying when it does. I wonder if this is a known bug or has been seen among some users. And I really hope this is not the case with for the iPhone and what has happened was just once and for all...

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