Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Activating the iPhone (without AT&T. Too easy...)

As a lazy person, I had to do more research for a simple way of activating the iPhone without AT&T. No, I didn’t want to fuss with any codes. This is what I found: Unlock iPhone by PQ DVD
They even got the old version of iTunes that you’ll need for this trick.

But even more lazy! I found out that one of my PCs had exactly of iTunes. Yay!


  1. Launch the iPhone Unlock Toolkit. You'll see this if successful:
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. Connect iPhone.


The iPhone will display: "Incorrect SIM - Please connect to iTunes to reactivate iPhone." Just ignore it... You will continue on iTunes: Set Up Your iPhone. Do whatever you like and click Done.

Of course, the iPhone we purchased did not have the just relesed firmware update. Let's do an update next.


Anonymous said...

Worked OK for me also. Good stuff

Anonymous said...

wouldnt work for me - at the "preparing" stage - it states failed. I have the correct version of Itunes, and tried downloading a new version of the iphone unlock SW and nothing! Any suggestions?

Ken said...

Thanks for the comments. To the one that didn't work, I wonder if it has to do anything with your iPhone. For example, the firmware version, maybe a slight difference with the lot depending on the purchase date, etc. Also, trying on a different computer with a clean install of the specific iTunes may make a difference. Please report back how things go.

iphone-unlocker said...

Just found the real iPhone SIM unlock site here:

Awesome, I can use my iPhone with my T-Mobile SIM CARD, and I can use wifi and Itunes and more


Anonymous said... appears to be a scam. takes your money and runs. no download ... no email ... just acknowledgement of paypal transaction and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

unlock toolkit fails for me.
check itunes version (

unlocking itunes ...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone can help me because im kind of new to this iphone world:

1-Sould i dock my iphone before runing the iphone unlock tool kit?
2-Does Itunes need to be running while i perform with the iphone unlock tool kit?
3-Once i performed the unlock tool kit, what happens? itunes recongnizes my iphone as if it was an ipod?

Thanks for your kind help/\.

Anonymous said...



Ken said...

Here are some answers to recent comments.

Make sure you have the right version of iTunes. Install the Toolkit. Then dock your iPhone. But even if you did dock your iPhone before installing the Toolkit, don't worry. It shouldn't be a problem; unless you went all the way signing up with AT&T! :D

iTunes is always required to be running when connecting the iPhone.

The Toolkit activates your iPhone so that you can unlock the screen. So, everything will work as a regular iPhone except for the phone function. The iPhone is recognized as an iPhone in iTunes. The only difference, which is annoying, is that every time you sync with your iTunes, it will ask you to open an account with AT&T. You just have to click cancel each time.

And yes, the camera, wi-fi and everything works. But, there seems to be an issue with the YouTube app. BTW, iPhone does not have a built-in GPS.

Thanks for all feedbacks.

unlock iphone 2g said...

and from there jailbreak it once again and do the unlock. Is this the best route for me do? Any response/help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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