Tuesday, October 2, 2007

iPhone Experiment - SIM Card Swap

Just out of curiosity, I did some SIM card swapping experiments. Most of them are probably already reported by others. The test was conducted on the iPhone shipped on Sep. 28, 2007 and before any activation. I am uncertain of the firmware version at the moment.

  1. SIM card from unlocked iPhone
    I inserted a SIM card from another unlocked iPhone (activation without AT&T). Did not do anything.
  2. SIM card from another AT&T phone
    As reported by many, did not do anything.
  3. SIM card from another AT&T activated iPhone
    This also did not do anything...

So, I assume that the phone itself must be activated or unlocked to use it. SIM card has nothing to do with it. Especially #3 was surprising. So if you get a replacement iPhone, I guess it's not as easy as just swapping the SIM card...

Okay, experiments are enough. I'm going to activate the iPhone for real this time.


dssstrkl said...

Nothing happened because the processor in the radio has to handshake with the activated SIM before it will let you do anything. That's also the cause of bricking, apparently: the modified firmware breaks the handshake at some point, making the phone go into unactivated mode.

Ken said...

FYI if anyone is interested. I found out that this iPhone has software version 1.1.1. It's amazing that they already shipped it with the latest on Sep. 28.

Ryan Isra said...

It will say The SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported, it means your iPhone is locked. Click senseiphone.com for solution to fix the error.