Sunday, September 9, 2007

Using Gizmo on Other SIP Clients

This is a memo on the basic information you'll need to use a Gizmo account on other SIP clients.

Type: Use proxy
Username: <sip_number>
Password: <password>
Address: sip:<sip_number>

And here are some free or open source SIP clients that works with Gizmo.

  • SJphone: Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Windows CE. Seems like a great alternative to Gizmo's app. It ran on my Windows Mobile 2003 SE Wi-Fi enabled PDA. I think I can use my PDA as a cordless phone. Really!
  • X-Lite: Runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Tested on Windows and ran fine.
  • Ekiga: For Linux and Windows. Haven't tested this one, but reportedly works with Gizmo accounts.
  • And probably more...
So, I've been preaching that Gizmo is good with GrandCentral, but if you don't like the Gizmo client, just use one of the above SIP clients. Should work fine. FYI, this is not a hack or that sort of thing. SIP is just a common protocol unlike Skype.


~JOSh-X said...

Did you happen to test if you could use the dialpad in X-Lite (or the other ones you mention)?

If so, I'm having trouble with my settings. I'm receiving the phone call correctly in X-Lite, but pressing any buttons does nothing while I'm on the call.

Thanks for any help :) and your article provides some good information!


~JOSh-X said...

(I forgot to subscribe to comment notifications. So I'm doing that this time.)

Ken said...

I've used X-Lite on a Mac for a while. (I think I did a little on Windows too.) But I don't remember having issues with the dialpad. Although, I've really never used Gizmo to call out. As pointed out in my earlier post, I've always used in combination with GrandCentral, now Google Voice. In this setting, the dial tones do work to send signals to the service, but DOES NOT send the tones to the called party. For instance, you can initiate a call recording, a feature of Google Voice by pressing the dialpad, but you cannot navigate through auto-attendants common in contact centers.

Anonymous said...

change x-lite settings to disable 2833 for dtmf and tones will work through to called party, but will disable interaction with GV's system

~JOSh-X said...

I've since figured out how to "work the system" as it were on this one...

Dial ***7496 to bring up the settings area. Type "dtmf" in the filter and hit enter.

The setting "system:dtmf:force_send_in_band" should be set to one.

Now type "2833" and hit enter.

The setting "rtp:2833:enabled" should be set to 1 if you want your key presses to go to Google Voice and 0 if you want your key presses to go through GV and hit whatever you're calling.

For example, when I need to call my bank and navigate their touch-tone phone tree menu, I make sure it's set to 0.

However, if I want to "Press 1 to accept" an incoming Google Voice call, I need to switch that setting back to 1 (before the call comes in).

Hopefully this helps :)


Ken said...

Very interesting information! I must give this a try…

~JOSh-X said...

Wow! I made a really bad mistake! I said to dial ***7496 but I switched the last two numbers.

It should be...

Dial ***7469

Anonymous said...

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