Saturday, September 15, 2007

iPhone Owners: $100 Cash Back is Now Ready

Now, go get your $100 cash back from Apple. Just click on the title above.

Of course, your iPhone needs to be activated with AT&T... What?

Well, I expected this being a requirement. Apple is smart. They are definitely going to take any opportunity to benefit themselves. No, I'm not criticizing Apple. I really think they're smart.

Anyways, as soon as the $100 cash back was announced, I started working with my wife to get our iPhone activated, at least the smartest way we can... We're not done yet, but our plan is to get a couple of free AT&T phones, then activate our iPhone with one of the lines. After we get the $100 store credit from Apple, buy another iPhone for myself and swap it with the second line.

I'm actually going to get a low end no-camera free phone from AT&T. That way, if I need to go to a place where cameras are not allowed or the iPhone might be in danger, I can just swap the SIM card and take my cheap phone.

Now, let's see how this turns out. It's going to happen before November 30. Or else Apple is not going to give us the $100; just FYI...

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Ken said...

We got our store credit. Have you gotten yours?