Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scott Forstall is the Next Steve Jobs

Have you read the Wall Street Journal piece on Scott Forstall being fired? Maybe not since you're not subscribed to the Journal like me. So I read it on other sites like ABC News: Scott Forstall to Leave Apple.

In 1985, Steve Jobs got kicked out of Apple by John Sculley, then CEO, when Jobs tried to take control of things. And as we know, eventually Jobs came back to Apple and the rest is history.

Seems like to this point, Forstall was one of Jobs favorite and had similar tastes. Forstall was gaining power, and even rumored as the possible next CEO during Jobs last moments. Now, Forstall is being fired, but he's already cashed in his Apple shares so supposedly he has some money. Is he going to re-launch NeXT? And maybe 10 years later, or maybe more like 5 years in the era, is Forstall coming back to save Apple?

My gut feeling:
Scott Forstall is the next Steve Jobs. Tim Cook is the next John Sculley. Jony Ive is, well, Jony Ive.
I guess I missed my timing to sell-off my AAPL stocks. At least for another 5 to 10 years, maybe.

BTW, why did Tim Cook apologize for the Maps app? I think it was so pointless. I would side with Forstall who did not agree to apologize. Maps does suck, but it's no antenna-gate.

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