Wednesday, January 9, 2008

GrandCentral Disables Click2Call?

It seems that Click2Call has been disabled at GrandCentral.

This is one of the appealing feature where you can make a call directly from there online address book. When you hit CALL on the address book, it will call both yours and the other party's phone and then bridge the calls.

When I tried to use this feature today, it did not work. I looked at the help website which now seems to be migrated to Google Help, there is not mentioning about the Click2Call feature.

If they don't bring this feature back, this is very disappointing. I can't preach about this service anymore.


Vincent Paquet said...

Click2call is being provided as usual and working. But you're right about the lack of mention on the support page. We will add it.
Vincent Paquet

Ken said...

Well, this is good news from Vincent@GC. I really look forward to some major integration with Google and especially UI improvements for iPhone. Honestly, I am hesitant to use it on the iPhone at the moment, but hope this situation changes soon.