Friday, November 16, 2007

Final Cut Express 4

Apple released Final Cut Express 4. According to Apple's press release, new features are:

  • low price of $199
  • support for the latest AVCHD cameras
  • allows mixing of standard and high definition content on a single timeline
  • includes the ability to import iMovie ‘08 projects
  • gives users access to hundreds of sophisticated FxPlug cinematic effects and filters

Sounds very nice. Because video cameras are being popular again, it's good to have a full line up; iMovie (part of iLife) for beginners, Final Cut Express for mid-level or pro-sumer and Final Cut for professionals.

Apple also announced a database called "Bento". Is Apple going to include this in iWorks? That would be great, but Apple owns FileMaker which is a database software company, so probably it will stay as their product. Bento actually reminds me of a file format Apple suggested long time ago; back in the System 7 days, I think. It was a concept of a multi-media file format in which a single file can contain various data like text, graphics, sounds, videos, etc. I am not sure where that went though. Anyways, the Bento database is to bring calendars, contacts, etc. on Mac OS X to one interface. You can download a pre-release trial.

Lastly, for all these stuff, I am planning to write reviews. Yes, I am soon going to get a Mac again! So stay tuned!

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